About Tron The Photo Booth

We started out as an addition to Hatfield Productions (www.hatfieldproductions.com) but after a lot of success and positive reviews, we thought it was time our Photo Booth “Tron” got his own site! Our portable photo booth is a hit at any event. Inside or outside it doesn’t matter……we’ll show up with the booth, props and fun. Give us a call if you live in Kentucky, Indiana or Ohio…we love to travel and we don’t charge extra for gas (that’s lame!). We offer unlimited photo booth use, props, scrapbook, CD containing high resolution photos, and access to online gallery where you can upload your photo strip to Facebook.

Check out our reviews on the knot!

Our “Tron on a budget” package is only $599!
Our “Tron gone crazy! YOLO” package is just $799!

The Crew

Bryan & Lauren
We reside in Cincinnati, OH with our two precious girls (Lyla and Brynna) and operate the photo booths.

Brad – My brother and Tron expert…

Example Photos

If you invite Tron to your event we can assure you that your guests will have a blast! Here are some example pics that will give you a better idea of what you can expect with Tron!

Tron The Photo Booth Example Photo 1


Tron The Photo Booth Example Photo 2
Tron The Photo Booth Example Photo 3
Tron The Photo Booth Example Photo 4

Frequently Asked Questions

Tron is a lot cheaper than most photo booths, what’s the catch?

No catch…our quality and service is second to none! :)

How far will you travel?

We are located in Cincinnati, OH. We have traveled as far south as Maysville, KY and as far north as Piqua, OH. At no additional costs!

Why is your booth named "Tron"?

It sounded cooler than “Ron”…Actually, no one really knows…but I can say he has become a part of the family, him and his brother Tron 2.0.

Who is Tron 2.0?

Our updated booth (See YOLO package for more info)

Is Tron really from the Ukraine?

No…this is a joke.

Has Tron really been around since 1987?

No…also a joke :)

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